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  • Increase Capacity with Existing Infrastructure
  • Differentiate Products
  • Strengthen Sustainability Credentials
  • Increase Value Capture


The company boasts of highly qualified and experienced technical staff (leather technologist) who are experts in supervision and offer products that adhere to strict standards of quality. We have state-of-art manufacturing facilities equipped with latest machines and tools. Over the years, we have built our concern as a progressive and dependable source for offering reliable products.

  • Unhairing
  • Liming
  • Deliming and Bateing
  • Pickling
  • Tanning
  • Neutralising, Dyeing and Fat Liquoring
  • Drying
  • Finishing


The organization assures that its supply matches the best quality standards. We value our expertise for design and production that is highly qualified and sourced from renowned organizations to develop products as per the customer's specifications. With the help of our own quality control processes, which consists of seasoned professionals, we check the quality of products prior to the dispatch.

  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Can be folded to give new shape
  • Various thickness available
  • Various types of skin availability


Nature of the path will be known only to the traveler who traveled. Our motto is to produce an appealing medley of quality items at reasonable prices. The Huge no. of Buyer Strength we have proved this. We have technical Team who inspects each article so that the make-up and the leather quality used match the International Market Standard in Order that the Seller & the buyer do not have problem.

Our Production Articles

  • Sheep Leather for Boots

  • 218% increase in conversions for a redesigned financial services website

    Sheep Pumps and Sandals

  • 527% boost in sales with a redesigned tile manufacture’s website

    Sheep Lining

  • Davey Awards Davey Awards
  • Goat Leather

Why Us?


Moolai Leather Exports is a reputed organization that excels in the manufacture, supplier and export of all types of finished leather made of eco friendly leather chemicals exclusive for shoes. Established in 2003, the organization has successfully established itself as a reliable and trustworthy organization.

The company is committed to developing outstanding quality products in sheep leather with widest choice and various types of articles. The company has huge number of buyer strength all over the globe.

15+ Years in Business

2 Millions Production Capacity

10+ Countries


Here’s how we process leather:

The Moolai Leathers formula is simple: experience and professionalism in tandem with the most modern technology in the leather industry. This is the winning combination that drives the production of millions of square metres of leathers every year for distribution to markets throughout the world. The Group’s production process consists of a complex series of treatments where the skills of our experienced workers come to the fore, thanks to increasingly advanced systems developed through a long-term, ongoing research effort. The hides are treated and processed to become shoes, jackets, bags, couches, chairs and indeed any other article that designers and stylists can dream up.
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We are expertise in Leather:

Indeed, a detailed knowledge of the production process of this rare and noble material, and a perfect mastering of its sourcing internationally, have made Moolai Leather a major player in assisting its clients in the design of their new products and the achievement of their collection projects. This know-how is particularly important since the leather is a material with extended features and multiple levels of quality and rating attributes. Moolai Leather enables thereby its customers to ensure, upstream, the adequacy of their choices of raw materials with the results expected at the end of the chain of production of the finished article. The risk of unpleasant surprises at this critical level becomes then very limited and the gains in time and subsequent money are strengthened.
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